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Why Bosch

Be yourself

Your diversity makes us special. Enrich us with your own unique personality.

Be yourself

Do you know this moment, when you talk to a person about any topic, who has a completely different view than you? When this person suddenly puts a new complexion on this topic that you never thought about before?

With our aim to improve life for everyone, we are looking for associates who cover the wide range of characters, cultures and expertise and who bring in their own ways of thinking at work.

This creates an atmosphere that is highly inspirational and productive – only one of the reasons why we see diversity as a strong asset for our company. By enriching us with your individuality, you add an important part to our diverse culture and support us in bringing forward new ideas and technologies.

We share our knowledge and personal experiences in a network of worldwide locations – so that everyone benefits from different perspectives. To ensure that we preserve this great diversity within our company, it is deeply anchored in our corporate strategy and our core values.

Be yourself
More than

150 nationalities

women and men of different ages with diverse skills are working for Bosch.

Diversity is our advantage

Diversity is our advantage

Diversity is a central pillar of Bosch’s commercial success because it creates the conditions for innovation.

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