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Engineering Smart Products

Embracing Digital at each step of Product Engineering

Modern digital products and devices have become an important part of organizations, and AI, IoT, Edge Compute, Virtualization are emerging as some of the key technologies in building them. Bosch leverages these modern-day technologies to build an extensive range of smart products and offer new-age services.

At Bosch, we offer innovative digital engineering services including embedded hardware and software services, smart product engineering, security, and edge computing. Our experts enhance the concept formation, design, development, connectivity, testing, implementation, and usage experience of modern digital products and helps provide transformation at scale.

Our engineering services can cater to the unmet needs of organizations across various sectors, ranging from industrial equipment to smart homes. It enables our global clientele to launch their products faster and in a more efficient and secure manner.We equip you to move forward from ideation to industrialization.

Our Extensive Range of Services

We leverage Technologies of Today to solve Problems of Tomorrow.


Your Partner of Choice

Engineering Partner

Bosch has expertise in designing and implementing both hardware and software solutions. Revamp your business models with the help of our pool of experts to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Product design
  • IoT
    • Sensors
    • Bluetooth
    • Wi-Fi
    • 5G
    • Edge computing

  • Modern-day technologies
    • AI/ML
    • Virtualization
    • DevOps
    • Digital Twin

  • UX

Integration Partner

Seamlessly integrate new smart products and solutions with your existing infrastructure in a hassle-free manner with a reduced cycle time.

  • Technology integration
    • Cloud connectors
    • Legacy integration
    • Gateways
    • DevOps

  • Solution integration
    • ERP
    • ALM
    • PLM

Collaboration Partner

Partner with us to leverage centralized communication across all channels, departments, and touchpoints. Enable frictionless collaboration throughout your organization.

  • Product localization
    • Global for local and local for local communication
    • Approbations

  • Customer experience management
    • User Experience
    • Human Machine Interface

  • Digital enterprise
    • Acceleration
    • Automation

Who we Are

With over 25 years of in-depth, industry-specific experience, we can cater to all your needs to drive efficiency and value.


Product Engineering

Product Engineering

We build technology-driven customized smart products using rigorous hardware and software engineering techniques. Our team caters to your business needs using optimal development and deployment processes.

Embedded Services

Embedded Services

Bosch delivers friendly user experiences with its easy to use interfaces, that form the basis of our end-to-end embedded engineering services, providing a rich customer experience.

Edge AI Services

Edge AI Services

In some cases, data analytics is only partly beneficial if the analyzed data is even a few minutes old. Edge AI enables real-time data analytics on the device itself, greatly reducing the processing time. We deliver edge AI services leading to higher accuracy and a faster time to market .



Bosch offers end-to-end IoT security services stack including consulting, engineering, testing, verification and validation, and cybersecurity operations center services. We enable simplified, safe and compliant device and network security.

IoT Solution CES Innovation Awards 2018 in the USA

IoT Solution World CongressAwards 2017 in Barcelona



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