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AIoT-led Digital Transformation

Leveraging #AIoTOpportunity for a Smarter Tomorrow


With constantly changing customer needs and expectations, businesses need to become more dynamic. Hence, they need to embrace the capabilities of AI and IoT to analyse data and actuate in real-time.

AIoT presents a valuable opportunity for OEMs to transform stakes across the value chain. However, OEMs face several challenges while implementing and scaling these solutions. High Capex hinders short-term operations by restricting cash flow, while long life cycle maintenance for products requires highly reliable production system operations.

With decades of expertise, Bosch harnesses the power of latest technologies and offers AIoT led digital transformation to help OEMs orchestrate the ecosystem and become AIoT driven. These solutions bring business model transformation for OEMs, equipping them to provide personalized experience to their end-customers, ultimately enabling breakout growth in their market segments.


Host of Benefits


Why Bosch?

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What do we provide?

We enable OEMs to become AIoT-driven orchestrators by being their key tech partner, end-to-end from S/W to H/W & AI


On the software side, we have a scalable private & public platform along with multiple software assets and accelerators across domains and use cases. On the hardware front, we provide complex product engineering & quick prototyping for technical validations through Bosch labs. On AI, we also have focused products and algo to make your products intelligent As an OEM & an IoT service provider, we give you assets, competencies & a whole Bosch ecosystem to fast track your AIoT Journey.

Our Approach

We offer consultations, end-to-end solutions, and related services for making your products intelligent

 Business Value Evaluation

Business Value Evaluation

  • Prioritize strategic use cases & data capture required in line with your market needs
  • Establish business model patterns & scaling levers
  • Formulate direct RoI metrics for business case evaluation
 AIoT Solution Design

AIoT Solution Design

  • Map stakeholder UX journey & solution sketch
  • Interpret data capture & functional view needed
  • Design solution architecture delving on S/W, H/W, AI models
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Concept (MVC) + Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Leverage Bosch Labs and Sandbox environment for the “art of possible” to develop innovative solutions within the minimum time.
  • MVP – Production & Field level product in real-world scenario & actual system integrations.


  • Converting MVaCs to series, scale & global deployments
  • Ease of scaling with Bosch expertise in global manufacturing and large-scale connectivity solutions for series production and deployment
  • Efficient manufacturing and management using optimized tools and processes



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