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TRAC 360

The right parts, in the right quantity, at the right time


Today’s supply chains are complex, diverse, and disparate. With parts and components sourced globally, from multiple providers, businesses must optimise resources and guarantee end-to-end visibility to ensure effective operations. The challenges in maintaining efficient supply chains are ever-present.


Bosch Trac 360 is an innovative IoT solution that leverages blockchain technology to enable OEMs to track parts and shipments in real time. It uses integrated technologies like GPS, RFID, and Azure IoT Hub to guarantee product transparency, traceability, and visibility.

By providing a single-view, from factory to customer, Trac 360 minimises product loss or damage, low warehouse productivity, and delayed customer responses. It also reduces inventory-carrying costs, synergises data systems, and strengthens returnable bin management.

Trac 360 ensures greater customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies by transforming businesses from fragmented units, into smart, technologically driven supply chains.

End-to-End Globally Connected Supply Chain


Granular inventory view and “digital travel diary” for products and carriers to update and communicate location and status


IoT-powered devices using RFID tags to provide recorded information about each packaged part to ensure minimal los


Integrated, cloud-based dashboard to aggregate multi-source and disparate data for real-time insights


Fully automated and digital warehouse operations including loading validation, GPS tracking, notifications, and invoice-processing

Blockchain Driven

Blockchain technology to track and verify all transactions along the supply chain, including transfer and receipt of bins, pallets, etc., and delivery of products

Use Cases

Container Management

Container Management

IoT-driven RFID tags, barcodes, etc., to continuously pinpoint and monitor location of products, bins, containers, and pallets to minimise loss or damage, increase visibility, and enable efficient functioning across the supply chain.

Assisted User Experience

Assisted User Experience

Dashboards to integrate multiple sources of information, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES), GPS, and RFID to enable end-to-end visibility into product orders, shipments, inventories, and deliveries.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Sensors to monitor and relay environmental data, e.g., temperature, humidity, vibration, light exposure, etc., to ensure product security and trigger alerts when necessary.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

GPS and RFID to continuously track and validate products by proof-of-delivery, predict delivery windows, identify and respond to route deviations, and receive notifications when stock enters or exits geofenced areas.

 Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Sensor data with alerts and notifications for freight vehicle performance and to predict and pre-empt problems. Direct communication between drivers and managers for instant updates, delivery schedules, and seamless delivery management.


Trace-ability in supply chain with cloud solutions powered by Bosch


Case Study | Connected supply chain for automotive component supplier

Case Study | Connected supply chain for automotive component supplier


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