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Corporate Social Responsibility

NGO Partners

Bosch partners with various NGOs in Bangalore and Coimbatore who play a pivotal role in planning and executing most of our projects.

NGO Patners

At Bosch, CSR is not just a cheque writing institution that donates. Our NGO partners are made to work very closely with the CSR team, where they are also made to plan a detailed employee engagement strategy for the projects.

Bosch India Foundation who is the torch-bearer of the social activities of Bosch in India is one of our major beneficiaries.To Partner with Bosch for any CSR project kindly ensure the following criterias are met:

1. You are a registered NGO with atleast 3 years of experience.

2. Your projects are in and around Bangalore or Coimbatore.

3. The primary focus of your NGO is towards:

  • Education:
    Scholarship of Meritorious Students, Create Model Schools, Sports for Development and Children with Disabilities
  • Environment:
    Planting trees, Developing parks, Restoring rivers/lakes, Improving sanitation, Initiating methods to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Waste and Conservation of animals and wildlife


You can download information about our CSR initiatibes as PDF files here.

CSR Application form for NGOs

CSR Terms and Conditions for NGOs

CSR Terms and Conditions for NGOs are available in this document

CSR Application form for NGOs

CSR Application form for NGOs

This is application form for NGOs

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