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Energy Platforms

Managing Energy Consumption Made Smarter

Inspired by our vision to create solutions for a connected life, we are doing our part to ease energy monitoring and consumption challenges.

Bosch Energy Monitoring solutions are designed to monitor, analyze, and optimize various energy-consuming equipment and processes, resulting in less energy waste, increased productivity, and cost savings.

Our energy management systems provide a one-of-a-kind method for assessing changes in energy demands by measuring energy consumption and its patterns. It helps evaluate the individual device or equipment energy usage, which further helps optimize energy use. Thus, it assists in achieving sustainability and efficiency targets.

Delivering Business Value



  • Monitoring the devices at the load point
  • Collecting Real-Time Profile of the devices
  • Establishing energy flow decisions
  • Facilitates better decision-making

Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

  • Analysis of data collection of different devices
  • Energy transparency across the entire process
  • Identify interventions for potential energy savings.
  • Optimizes energy costs and production plan

Connected Machines

Connected Machines

  • Creating reference patterns for different machines
  • Establishing specific energy targets
  • Receive Trigger alerts in case of any anomaly detection


DEEPSIGHTS platform allows you to make informed decisions about energy-saving that results in lower energy costs.

This solution aids in the monitoring of various energy-consuming equipment. Based on that, data is analyzed using AI algorithms to provide actionable insights.

Phantom Energy

Bosch provides industries with efficient Phantom energy management systems. It is an AIoT platform that blends AI with IoT to provide information about equipment, electrical parameters, and the usage to create a digital twin.

With this solution, you can get real-time granular energy consumption data at the asset level. Compare assets, identify anomalies and drive behavioral change for energy saving.

Phantom Connected Machines

We have brought Phantom Connected Machines’ solution to provide our clients with real-time monitoring and management of energy consumption which will pave the path to sustainable manufacturing.

Optimizing machines’ overall effectiveness and energy utilization to help improve the capacity of parts production.