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EVOCO - Emotion Aware Cockpit Companion

Empathy on wheels

EVOCO - Emotion Aware Cockpit Companion

EVOCO - Emotion Aware Cockpit Companion

Evoco is an emotion-aware intelligent In-car personal companion that goes beyond just being a functional assistant. It enables hyper-personalized novel experiences through empathetic and contextual human-like conversations and recommendations.

Highlights of Evoco

Highlights of Evoco
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Unlock a New Age Experience with empathetic mobility

  • Novel User Engagement
  • Enhanced In-Car Experience
  • Voice -First Augumented Safety Alerts
  • Data control and Privacy
  • Actionable Data Insights
  •  Customizable UI / Avataar

Collaborate with us for offerings that are Reliable, Scalable & Adaptable

  • Plug and play – API and SDK
  • Scalable and easy deployment on the cloud / edge
  • Repeatable across vehicle lines