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sventa KV

SVENTA is a smart, multifaceted Sound Engineering platform, which records, analyses and utilises AI capabilities to provide engineering solutions based on sound and vibrations. It facilitates easy availability of accurate sound and vibration data from any remote location to a central pool of experts. The platform connects with wired, wireless sensors and sensor boards.

From predictive diagnostics, end-of-line assembly and production testing, to condition monitoring and field service requirements, SVENTA ensures less machine downtime and dependence on technicians, and provides quick responses to machine / field failure through alerts and expert connections. By recording sound and vibration levels, transferring relevant data across the Cloud, and leveraging analytics and decision-making with AI, SVENTA can detect faults, unusual noise levels, and provide real-time solutions to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

How it Works

Application Areas

Domains across Industries and Applications

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Use Cases

Motor End-of-Line Testing for Source Detection
Field / Quality / Sales Engineers
Service Centre Diagnostics
Vehicle End-of-Line Audit
Agro-Domain Application: Field Assist
AI-Based In-Cab Noise Source Detection
Predictive Acoustic Diagnosis

Providing End-to-End Value

Ease of Use

Minimal expertise required. Data acquisition and results prediction under 2 minutes

Less Capital Investment

Minimal instrument cost (less than 10 times of conventional system cost)


Easy connectivity with wireless sensors


AI implemented deep learning and self-learning for problem identification

Integration to Cloud Platform

Compatible with all Cloud platforms like AZURE, AWS, Bosch Cloud etc.,


Ensuring the sound data quality inline Class-1/2 accuracy


Sventa AI

SVENTA harness the power of sound with AI

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