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Retail Solutions

Delivering experiences that matter


Growing consumer consciousness about product quality and services, coupled with vast market size, has led to huge potential for organised retail. However, this growth is highly dependent on the innovative ability of retailers in the organised sector. Retailers need to reinvent and stay abreast with changing times and technological innovations.

Understanding this, Bosch brings to the retail world, an array of solutions aimed at stores, assets and consumer levels with an intention to :

Enhance user experience

Increase asset productivity, uptime and efficiency, thereby ensuring high ROI

Build the next generation of smart retail stores

Enhancing user experience & operational efficiency

Elevate consumer experience

Deliver an experience that is personalised to the needs of every individual consumer

Manage energy utilisation

Ensures energy is available for the relevant devices at the right time by building a clear understanding of the store’s actual operating conditions

Gain insights into consumer footfalls

By tracking consumer behaviour, understand how to manage the store by tracking consumer behaviour

Explore solutions that are revolutionising the retail business



iero’s state-of-the-art technology combines the power of context and individual customer preferences in delivering a newage user experience.

Intelligent Energy Management

Intelligent Energy Management

A non-intrusive load monitoring solution that measures the energy consumption of devices individually and tracks the load on these devices. The intelligent solution offers insights into managing an outlet’s energy demands.


Transparency in food journey via Blockchain powered by Bosch