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Inspiring change with the spirit of innovation

RBEI Awards

As much as we believe that technology needs to be used to make a difference, our responsibility is much deeper. By creating a culture of innovation, we explore different areas to effect a positive change and make life simpler. We have been humbled by the recognition we have received along the way and use it to further fuel our spirit to go beyond.


Sustainable future of our shared society We refer to our corporate social responsibility initiatives as ‘Bosch Social Engagement’ and it is a measure of our areas of focus. By being active to community needs, our efforts are always future focused, enabling sustainability and empowering individuals to grow.


FFE Recognition for Contribution to the Scholarship Ecosystem-2019

The Foundation for Excellence (FFE) provides college scholarships to students who, although financially constrained, showed great promise in the technological, engineering and medical fields, three of the most expensive higher education programs in India. Every single donor contribution is directed to the scholarships. FFE awarded RBEI for its outstanding contribution in supporting 74 Engineering Scholars from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue Engineering since 2011.


Assurance of quality and compliance to build trust

As we innovate and push new boundaries, we ensure the efficiency of service delivery and customer centricity at every level of the organization. We truly believe in quality and standards are rigorously enforced and embedded into the thinking and operational processes.


ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is the leading international standard focused on information security, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in partnership with the International Electro technical Commission (IEC).

HR/Work Culture

Creating a space for creativity to flourish

Our employees are at the core of our capabilities and we ensure to be the forward thinking organization that understands the changing work dynamics, career opportunities and building a culture of learning.


NASSCOM Corporate Award for Excellence in Gender Inclusion

With the vision to enable IT-BPM organizations to build a work environment that embraces diversity and where stakeholders can thrive and succeed, NASSCOM encourages member companies to grow this cause. Gender Diversity is of course the big piece, beyond which there are also generational and cultural diversities, including recruiting and enabling a career path for differently abled people and LGBTs. We received the Corporate Excellence Award for Gender Inclusion at the NASSCOM Diversity & Inclusion Summit for our women-friendly policies and equal opportunities given to women associates.


Arogya World Healthy Workplace Awards 2019 - Gold Level Award

A global health non-profit organization, Arogya World has been pioneering Healthy Workplace efforts in India. The criteria includes establishing a work-life balance, and ensuring the workplace offers wellness advancement and chronic disease prevention. Judged by multiple stakeholders and experts, it is organized into 3 levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. RBEI environment for associates was assessed with a holistic focus on physical, mental and emotional well-being and we achieved the Gold standard in the category.


Harnessing cutting-edge technology to overcome challenges

Our focus on innovation lies in its ability to be the catalyst for change. Digital techniques and new technical avenues are explored to deliver products and services that close the gaps in industry and simplify processes.


CES® 2018 Smart City Innovation Award - Bosch Climo

Honored with a CES 2018 Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category, Climo actually monitored air quality in the city of Las Vegas, the host city of the event. It also showed an updated management interface that provides an even more comprehensive view for city officials. The micro-climate monitoring system helps cities around the world manage air-quality parameters in real time and at a much lower cost than existing technologies. The tiny box enables rapid and accurate measurement of data, covering key air pollutants including particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone. It also provides data from environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, light, sound, pressure – and even pollen.


Technology solutions that deliver true business performance

Our innate expertise in emerging technologies, focus on customer centricity and ability to provide industry-wide solutions guides our knowledge in understanding market dynamics. We strive to consistently innovate and provide performant services and solutions, ensuring quality and value.


IT Pride of Karnataka at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2017-18

The STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) IT Export Awards are presented during the Bengaluru Tech Summit, Karnataka's flagship annual technology event, to IT companies in different categories based on their performance and contribution to the industry. The award was conferred to RBEI in IT Pride of Karnataka category for exports greater than Rs 2000 crore. An eminent jury committee consisting of representatives from STPI, Government of Karnataka, academia and industry recommends the deserving awardees under 10 main categories, covering the entire spectrum of IT, ITES and Electronics & Hardware exporting enterprises.

NASSCOM Engineering & Innovation Awards 2021

The first edition of these awards recognizes the ingenious and breakthrough solutions developed by the Indian ER&D industry celebrating the technical capabilities of both emerging and well-established Indian firms. The awards are open to all ER&D entities registered in India across the categories of Global Capability Centers, Engineering Service Providers, Start-ups and Indian Manufacturing Companies.


Engineered in India Product of the Year 2021 – Bosch Phantom

This category of the NASSCOM Engineering & Innovation Awards recognizes products that are designed and developed entirely or mostly in India which have driven significant value to global or Indian customers. Our energy management solution, Phantom was declared the winner. An intelligent energy-monitoring solution led by a patented algorithm, Phantom non-intrusively taps into the electrical network of a specified area and gathers power signatures, to provide an in-depth analysis of power consumption patterns. It can also be leveraged to monitor and manage assets on the shop floor, reporting on the usage, performance and health of machines and sub-components in real time.


Next-Gen Product of the Year 2021 – Bosch Hemoglobin Monitor

In this category, NASSCOM’s focus was on awarding innovative products which leverage futuristic technologies to deliver customer value and impact. The non-invasive Hemoglobin monitor was recognized for its ability in the early detection of anemia with hemoglobin results in 30 seconds using a non-invasive AI measurement. Designed for use directly at the point-of-care and is completely pain-free with no need for a blood test, and a laboratory analysis is not necessary as there is no risk of infection from contaminated needles. The device is battery operated, does not need subsequent calibration, and is extremely easy to use. It is intended for use in outlying and remote regions by healthcare professionals. Location-based reporting ensures easy clinical traceability.


Using the simplicity of technology to empower the medical ecosystem

Existing medical practices and processes are constantly being challenged by new technological advancements. Now connected healthcare is transforming care delivery and diagnosis. With our expertise in IoMT and data-driven solutions, we innovate to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible.


iF Design Award 2020 – Vivalution

A symbol of design excellence around the world, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world's most celebrated and valued awards, the iF Design Awards. iF invites designers and manufacturers to judge and draw attention to well-designed products, and communicate the importance of design and all it can achieve: for users, for brands and for societies. Vivalution's unique design features and capability to provide laboratory diagnostics in remote areas, as the doctor does not even have to be on-site to view biological specimens like blood and other bodily fluids. With Vivalution, the physician can recognize more quickly whether there are abnormalities in the shape, size or structure of the cells and whether a disease or disorder is present and help in the early detection of various diseases and disorders.


A' Design Award 2020 – Vivalution

A' Design Awards bring visibility to dynamic design businesses, innovative brands and creative designers with recognition and awareness for good design. The design competition especially aims to promote both the emerging design talent as well as established brands to discerning audiences in high profile media around the world. Vivalution was awarded Silver at the A' Design Award and Competition in the Medicine Devices & Medical Equipment Design category. The A'Design jury of over 200 members selected Vivalution among 46,222 distinct design submissions from 107 countries.


Technology that can decode the fast evolving digital ecosystem

The future is about Connected Enterprise and Connected Products. Our digital transformation model helps align every aspect of business to a connected world, building an insight-driven customer-centric business. Organizations can unlock new business possibilities, generate business value and drive sustainable growth with the help of our advanced software and digital solutions.


The Hackett Group Digital Awards 2021

The Hackett Group, Inc announced the winners of its 2021 Digital Awards, which companies that are on the cutting edge of using digital transformation solutions, including automation, advanced analytics, and AI to hyper-automate end-to-end business operations. RBEI was awarded for Purchase-to-Pay – Procure-to-Order Automation Including Guided Procurement for a seamless, highly-automated procurement experience for indirect material and services with world-class usability. One of the key features of this system was user guidance integrated into the central user platform which imperceptibly navigates the user to the right buying channel. The system integrates more than 50 ERP systems and standardizes processes for more than 300 company codes.

sap hack2build

SAP Hack2Build Award 2022

The Hack2Build initiative from SAP is a rapid prototyping initiative to drive early-stage innovation, use case exploration, and technology adoption for SAP Partners. Bosch Global Software Technologies recently won the SAP Hack2Build competition held for partners in the APJ region in July '2022. The solution, ESee Ticketing, built and presented for the Hack2Build event, integrates the ticketing process of eCommerce and service applications using the Integration Suite. It is focused on seamless, bi-directional ticket management between SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Service Cloud using SAP BTP (CPI) and empowers service agents to perform contextual service ticket handling from a single interface with faster resolution times, leading to improved agent productivity and, more importantly, customer satisfaction.