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Bosch Vivasuite

Connect, Collect and Analyze device & clinical data

Bosch Vivasuite

Business Drivers

  • FDA
  • Clinical data
  • Medical device
  • Market Surveillance
  • Medtech

The future of the MedTech industry will depend on its ability to demonstrate how connected medical devices contribute to value-based care. As a MedTech organization, you need Holistic, Unified, Secured connectivity. That's where we come in.


Vivasuite is an IoMT enabled software connectivity platform that offers broad spectrum of digital and connected modules to Medical device companies.

Data is your business’s greatest asset. Its possibilities are limitless. Vivasuite provides a single, secure platform to manage, monitor, maintain, communicate and share information digitally across all your Medical devices.

How Vivasuite works?

Vivasuite empowers all stakeholders across the MedTech supply chain, namely the MedTech manufacturers, distributors and the end Users (hospitals/labs) to be able to monitor the devices through communicative dashboards.

This cloud-based platform offers broad spectrum of digital and connected modules to medical device manufactures.

medtech digital transformation
Device management

Vivasuite Device Connect

The device management module, provides a unique identity to the device, manage the fleet and deploy software updates over the air (OTA).

Vivasuite clinical

Vivasuite Clinical

The clinical module, enables the healthcare providers to

securely manage, store and process clinical data as well as run algorithms on the cloud to deliver real-time insights.

Vivasuite Business

Vivasuite Business

The business module, facilitates new age business models by enabling digital sales and servicing.

Vivasuite is

Bosch Medical Products


VivasuiteNXT – End-to-end IoMT Platform

VivasuiteNXT – End-to-end IoMT Platform