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Vivalution - Pathology Solution

Bosch Vivalution

An AI-Powered Smart Pathology Enabler

Less time, more results with the comprehensive aid to the field of pathology.

With an exponentially growing gap of only one pathologist for every 1.5 million people worldwide, professionals in the field encounter multiple

challenges that lead to delayed analysis and higher risk of errors. Pathologists often have to burn the midnight oil to ensure smooth running of operations.

AI-powered Bosch Vivalution is an advanced intelligent platform that captures, digitises, and interprets cell morphological structures of a

bio sample. The device can analyze human cells in a short duration of time thus ensuring greater efficiency and convenient, error-free reporting.

Enabling future diagnostics with AI and Machine Learning

Digital Patholog

Harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning — Bosch Vivalution digitises microscopic images of a glass slide, provides a detailed cell morphology analysis using computer vision technologies, and is powered with intelligence on the edge. Equipped with in-built computational abilities, this smart device can be easily integrated in any lab set-up.

From eyesight to AI sight: Using technology to unravel each cell’s hidden story

Digital Pathology Solution
Digital Pathology Solution
Digital Pathology Solution
Digital Pathology Solution

Where AI meets pathology





Journeying towards a smarter tomorrow

The Bosch Vivalution connected platform is a novel step towards digital analysis. This intelligent device is designed to

bridge the gap between a patient, the pathologist, and their diagnosis. Crafted to provide an overall hassle-free experience to professionals

in the field, Bosch Vivalution enables the shift from eyesight to AI sight and helps uncover the story each cell has to tell.

Bosch Vivalution. Digitalizing pathology. Transforming lives.

Are you a lab, clinic, multi-specialty hospital, or a rural health initiative?

With Bosch Vivalution, we are here to help you transform the future of analysis.


Bosch Vivalution for India

Bosch Vivalution for India

Bosch Vivalution for India