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Design studio

Creating memorable experiences at the intersection of user desirability, business and technology

Design studio

Customers demand experiences that are seamless, consistent and positive. They want their content to be personalized and delivered across devices—anytime, anywhere. User experience (UX) enables superior digital engagement and brings businesses, customers and technology together to form mutually beneficial relationships.

UX ensures customers are at the forefront of every interaction and plays a part in everything, from product selection, purchase, and set up, to installation, maintenance and support.

Combining vast experience and expertise, our Bosch UX practitioners help businesses locate the sweet spot to better customer experiences and increase loyalty, reputation and credibility, customer retention and sales.

Our DESIGN STUDIO caters to a truly multinational and global client pool and our focus on human-centric design is underlined by our design thinking methodologies and unifies the purpose of interaction between customers, technology and businesses

We ensure our customers, partners and stakeholders benefit by taking a holistic view of human-machine interaction to deliver optimal, effective and personalized results.

Why is UX design an integral component of product engineering?


Watch Jacob Peter, Vice President and Head - IT and Business solutions talks about why UX design is an integral component of Product Engineering?

Competency & Offerings

 User research
 Industrial design
 UX Strategy
 Design Thinking

Delivering Real Human-Centric Value

Business Benefits

Faster time-to-market

Increased customer loyalty

Increased productivity

Improved brand value

Reduced costs

UX Services