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Supply Chain

Building a robust and resilient supply chain

Supply Chain

A robust supply chain forms the foundation on which any business engaged in manufacturing and distribution thrives. Across the world, we are helping industries build resilient supply chains that can cater to fluctuating demand and disruptions in the supply chain.

What can we do?

Bosch is helping industries around the world to build resilient supply chains which helps to meet the challenges of fluctuating demand and disruptions in supply chain.

How can we help?

Our solutions for supply chain and deep domain knowledge in the following areas will help build a resilient supply chain

Our Offerings


Warehouse Management

It forms the engine for a robust supply chain network.

SAP EWM enables large enterprises to manage high-volume warehouse transactions. It allows customers to select from multiple deployments and hosting options supporting the warehousing requirements of a wide range of industries.

Bosch MantHANA helps in the rapid implementation of SAP EWM in diverse industries, offering repeatable successful performance.


Warehouse Digitization

Businesses expect the warehouses of today to be high-performance centers. Digitization enables warehouse to have higher efficiency, respond faster while managing a high volume of SKUs, and function consistently despite dynamic demands.

Our solutions for warehouse digitization enable rapid and accurate data capture. This feature provides inventory status in real-time that allows analyzing and interpreting data obtained from a modern-day warehouse.

Our capabilities and solution offerings have been implemented across the world after being successfully implemented at our plants.

Driven by AI-ML, these solutions make warehouses both intelligent and efficient.

Deployment is available for major ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and even as a standalone feature.


Transportation Management

The choice of transportation is one of the most impactful processes in any supply chain. The transportation methods you select will ensure if deliveries can occur seamlessly and smoothly.

SAP Yard Logistics provides inventory and transportation management solutions for industries like automotive OEMs and dealers.

Bosch has deep experience in implementing yard logistics and integrating IoT devices for the accurate tracking of assets. This helps businesses to ensure 360° control and accurate reporting of yard inventory.

Our solutions, such as SIR (Supply Chain Integration using RFID) and SYM (Smart Yard Management), showcase advances in tracking pallets and materials using RFID.

These approaches have been utilized in the inward warehouse and monitoring the movement of vehicles in the repair area and the parking yard, resulting in expected projections for savings.


Planning and Optimization

We work with the latest technologies to improve existing systems and deliver strategic advantages to ensure a systematic approach towards supply chain management.

SAP IBP is a cloud-based planning solution that uses real-time data from ERP and other sources to provide accurate planning.

Bosch brings its experience implementing IBP in large complex scenarios to help industries achieve accurate supply chain planning.

Our data scientists use the best-in-class technology and knowledge to increase demand forecast accuracy.

The Bosch Advantage

Ours deep expertise in supply chain transformation has spanned across various verticals and industries. These beneficiaries include discrete manufacturing companies, automotive OEMs, automobile distributors, and high-tech industries.

We have built our domain expertise from managing our own supply chain network covering more than 280+ manufacturing plants and 750+ warehouses. This experience enables us to provide solutions that can achieve the following:

supply chain



A Robust Warehouse Management Solution for a Resilient Supply Chain

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