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Why Bosch

Discover new directions

Your way might change — we will stay by your side.

Discover new directions

Have you ever been on a journey that opened up a completely new world to you? That totally inspired you and that showed you that a change of scenery can open up your mind to create new ideas?

Why not gain some completely new perspectives and insights? For example with a change from controlling to research or human resources. Or with a switch of position from a project path to a management career. Or what about a stay abroad at one of our 440 subsidiaries and regional companies, that represent Bosch in roughly 60 countries around the world? Your potential for development is unlimited. Whenever you feel you would like to deepen or broaden your experience, or discover new working fields, functions, or locations – just tell us and let’s go for it.

With the possibility to change positions or working fields we actively promote the principle of lifelong learning. During regular assessment meetings, we draw up a plan together on your next career steps and set performance milestones, as well as personal and professional goals. But lifelong learning does also mean that you can further develop your personal interests. Therefore we provide various offers such as language or personal trainings, sport or health courses and many more.

Discover new directions

200 million euros

is what Bosch invests annually in further training and in the talents of its employees.

Personal growth

The world never stops moving. We’ll get you ready for tomorrow’s challenges and give you the freedom to expand upon your talents and personal strengths.

Personal growth

Since you wish to set your own individual career goals, we provide a range of tools to guide and support you. We will discuss your progress with you at regular intervals and plan for the future — for example during the Goal and Performance Dialogue, the Career and Development Dialogue, or the Talent and Associate Review.

Impress us with your competence, personality, and commitment, and you’ll be able to set out on a specialist career path or take on responsibilities in a line or project capacity. It is your expertise, commitment, and experience which makes our technology “Invented for life” and sparks enthusiasm in our customers.

Create your own personal career roadmap. Take advantage of the multiple opportunities that Bosch has to offer.

Plan your career with us

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