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Why Bosch

Pay it forward

We love our business and our environment. Let’s save them both for future generations.

Pay it forward

Did you ever feel like you would support some social engagement but didn´t find the time because of your job?

With us you can target a long-lasting business success and support social projects at the same time. Our shareholder structure shapes the foundation of our economic strength and independence. The Robert Bosch foundation, a nonprofit foundation, holds 92 percent of the company’s shares, seven percent are in the hands of Robert Bosch’s descendants, and the company holds the remaining one percent. This structure ensures that the company’s independence cannot be threatened. And it allows us to focus on the long term, a strategy that has ensured our success for more than 130 years.

Thanks to the Robert Bosch Foundation, a portion of our profits goes toward causes that promote social wellbeing. We support social projects and organizations. At the same time, we are tackling the ecological challenges of our times head on. Improving climate protection and conserving resources are central parts of our everyday work.

Besides our social engagement we also work on our own future and constantly improve ourselves, our products and technologies. We keep our processes agile and stay in a close relationship to our clients and distributors and we aim to protect the environment in everything we do – from development to manufacturing and delivering.

Pay it forward

Areas of activity

In its quest to strike a balance between economic, ecological, and social concerns, Bosch focuses on four sustainability-related areas of activity.

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