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In an era of ever-changing global paradigms, renewed business models, and the desire to be sustainable in operation, systems and processes built for resilience enable organizations to be modern digital enterprises. At Bosch Software and Digital Solutions (Bosch SDS), we orchestrate this transformation of global enterprises.

Recently, Bosch SDS was a silver sponsor at SAP Automotive Innovation Day. The event showcased SAP’s offerings for the Indian Automotive Industry. I was honored to represent SDS as a speaker in the curated master class: Integrated Automotive Manufacturing.

SAP Automotive Innovation Day highlighted the theme of accelerating digital manufacturing. As a leading provider and leading user of I4.0 solutions, we emphasize digital thread to connect multiple elements and systems together. On the shopfloor, this approach facilitates notable improvements across various key performance indicators including a 10% reduction in energy costs, a 20% increase productivity, a 10% boost in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and a streamlined 10% reduction in inventory etc.

This digital thread strategy encompasses Robert Bosch Enterprise Data Lake (REDLake) which serves as an information pool of a variety of data. REDLake connects multiple solutions and assets together offering valuable insights and information across each stage. By seamlessly integrating with SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), we can efficiently transform ideas into real-world assets. Bosch is an AIoT company with a strong focus on integrating digital thread, powered by REDLake.

This integrated approach ensures meticulous tracking of outdated components (obsolescence management), maintains clear version control, and facilitates collaborative engagement with our vendors. From the inception of product engineering through the intricacies of manufacturing and operations, all the way to the refinement of service engineering, our holistic approach ensures a smooth flow of information and collaboration, thereby reducing New Product Development (NPD) cost and timeline by ~10% to start with & help build robust products with in-use analytics from the field.

A.C.T.I.V.E supply chain ecosystem

Bosch has a holistic ecosystem called A.C.T.I.V.E supply chain ecosystem. This integrated platform with SAP as its digital core, brings together plants, suppliers, and logistics service providers, creating a cohesive network monitored through a Digital Control Tower. Leveraging the combined power of REDLake and Track 360, Digital Control Tower embodies cutting-edge supply chain management, integrating real-time data from disparate sources into centralized information hubs. Our Digital Control Tower gathers warehouse status data from various geographical locations, enabling the creation of customized solutions to address market demands effectively. Utilizing advanced analytics, actionable insights form the foundation of our operational strategies, ensuring swift adaptation to evolving market dynamics in near-real-time.

With SAP BTP - this ecosystem links data, functions, and applications into a single integrated platform which can be monitored through Digital Control Tower & is upgraded to integrate with SAP Co-pilot Joule.

Our dominance in Industry 4.0 arises from a bedrock of constant innovation and unwavering commitment. With a network of more than 280 manufacturing facilities worldwide, all seamlessly coordinated through a unified Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform, we exemplify operational harmony and efficiency.

Our strategy outlines a comprehensive plan for optimizing processes, beginning with the integration of our tools using the Bosch Device Bridge, Energy Management with Bosch Deepsights, powered with 60+ AI-based asset classes and culminating in the integrated performance facilitated by SAP's Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

In the sphere of manufacturing excellence, Bosch Rexroth serves as a beacon of innovation. The collaboration between Bosch Rexroth and SAP truly demonstrates the shared commitment to enhancing digital manufacturing and manufacturing enterprise transformation. Our introduction of SAP Digital Manufacturing at the Lohr plant marks a revolutionary step in streamlining operations – which is now rolled out to 3 more plants. By integrating multiple Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) into SAP's platform, Bosch Rexroth has harnessed the potential of data-driven analysis to boost operational effectiveness to unparalleled levels. The insights drawn from the Digital Manufacturing (DM) act as the driving force behind ongoing enhancements, showcasing our dedication to operational superiority.

The India Stack and Business Technology Platform (BTP) serve as the lynchpin of our digital transformation offerings, providing preconfigured solutions that epitomize operational efficiency and scalability for our customers.

Within the domain of digital transformation, Bosch SDS unveils the LeAD (Lean, Automation & Digital) framework as a symbol of our strong commitment to exceptional operational quality. Encompassing a wide spectrum of digital transformation endeavors, from consulting to factory automation and sustainability solutions, LeAD serves as a holistic approach to navigating the complexities of digital evolution. Positioned as a premier destination for digital manufacturing and supply chain excellence, we offer an array of solutions that bridge organizational boundaries, pioneering a new age of streamlined operational coherence.


Rakesh Kumar Murugan Senior Director, Business Head – Sustainability & Digital Transformation, Bosch SDS, APAC