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Bosch Scholarship Program

From hope to reality

Bosch Scholarship Program

It is rightly said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest and Bosch believes in transformational knowledge that shapes an individual who ultimately contributes to the welfare of community.

Students dreams to make it big in life however shortage of funds can kill their aspirations. To translate hopes into reality our BGSW/CSR team devised two programs to financially support students and enabled them to pursue their studies. These programs are Merit Based Scholarship program and Need Based Scholarship program.

The Merit Based Scholarship Program is for underprivileged students to pursue Engineering. The program is run along with the NGO called ‘Foundation For Excellence (FFE)’ based out of Bangalore which partners with Bosch to identify students from both Bangalore and Coimbatore. This partnership is close to a decade old when Bosch initially started supporting the first cohort of 20 Students in 2011-2015 cycle. Subsequently the second and third cycles have benefitted 24 and 30 Engineering Students.

The Need Based Scholarship program, supports economically challenged students to continue studies from 10th ,12th to Graduation and Post-Graduation. For this Bosch collaborates with the NGO called Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore (RAAC). So far 268 scholars has benefitted from this program.

BGSW/CSR team imbibes the quality of Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) amongst the volunteers through Social Leadership Training. It’s great to see how these students have blossomed in life while pursuing their goals and are also motivated to support others in need.

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