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Constructing a brighter future

Constructing a brighter future

Gandhimanagar School celebrated the inaugural function of its new building on November 1st, 2017 with great verve and enthusiasm. The much anticipated function was held in the playground. The day began with an idyllic prayer and flag hoisting, followed by inauguration of new class rooms by guests. All the students were geared up to start afresh in the new building. The students were first addressed by Mrs. Banumathi , one of the senior retired Headmistress of the school, who gave an inspiring and invigorating speech that not only spoke about the feats of the school but also motivated the students to leave a trail of their own.

Bosch being one of the major contributor for construction of the new building and value added through Bosch India CSR Model School Development & Employee Engagement model by continuously involving our associates, which was much appreciated by DEEO Mrs.Vanaja and school management for this remarkable achievement, Which not only creates an amiable environment to the students but sustainability being ensured through our CSR SPOC’s and Volunteers. It was indeed an honor to be given such a noble status Mr. Palanimuthu Manikandan, Head EHV department, who represented Bosch India, took us to his school days and motivated the students with his splendid speech. He also appealed to the students to make something credulous out of their life and prove fruitful to our people and state.

Present HM of the school Vijayalakshmi, gave a short but touching address. This was followed by the other contributors address to the students. This remarkable day felicitated the gigantic leap in the development of the inception of the Renaissance, which will take the school to its zenith and make it a temple of learning for ages to come.

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