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Bosch sets up a play development area for the mentally challenged


play development area for the mentally challenged

The Karnataka State Government runs five Homes for the mentally challenged in Bangalore. These include homes that cater to mentally challenged children and women, a shishu mandir, and a social services complex for men.

Since 2017, Bosch has been at the forefront in reaching out to the abandoned mentally challenged men at these homes, and towards their rehabilitation from a health and hygiene perspective as well as empowering them to use their motor skills.

By engaging with the inmates in various activities like mat making, indoor gardening, book binding and art and craft, there has been an improvement in their social skills, concentration, motor skills and general health and hygiene at these homes.

In 2018, Bosch decided to invest in a playground, adjacent to the five Homes. The playground has been installed with various play equipment and an outdoor gym. The intention is to aid in the improvement of physical fitness, social skills, and quality of life for the inmates, and provide to them an outdoor meeting space to connect and interact with one another, thereby enabling them to create a normal and self-sustainable life.

The Playground was inaugurated on 5th February, 2018 along with our implementation partner U&I, and hopes to make a difference to the lives of these state-run homes.

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