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Edge AI Services

We make Edge consumable

Edge AI Services

Edge computing brings intelligence to the edge of the network. It is a distributed computing paradigm where both data and processing power are pushed close to the source of information. This allows collecting and analyzing data in real-time to make instant, local decisions.

While edge computing requires ultra-low latency data transfers, it also brings the opportunity to create powerful experiences with help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

At Bosch, we offer a host of product engineering services including Edge AI services to suit any device’s computational and analytical needs.

Our Service Offerings

Service Stack


How do you Benefit?

  • edge AI
    Enhanced speed, wider reach - Edge computing is independent of data centers or network bandwidth, enabling AI models running in locations where access is limited.
  • edgeai
    Easy to scale - Process large volumes of data faster and at low cost.
  • edgeai
    Better real-time analytics - Eliminates data latency and provides up-to-date insights. Routine tasks as data preprocessing, machine learning, and analytics are automated.
  • edgeai
    Enhanced information security - In this network-agonistic solution, data is securely encrypted from sensors to servers. Data protection regulations are met.
  • edgai
    Reduced carbon footprint - Edge AI minimizes the need for data to travel long distances, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At Bosch, we make Edge reachable and user-agnostic with AI.


Hardware Agnostic

Bosch offers a library set that allows you to choose the right hardware from a wide variety of choices. These include best-in-class, proven production-ready solutions, with assured support and guarantees.


Seamless Connectivity

Identifying the solution deployment environment can be difficult, which can bottleneck connectivity. Our solutions enable modular interfaces for LTE, 5G, GSM, or Wi-Fi connectivity for local and cloud connection.


Gateway Compatibility

We work with proven networking gears, including gateways. Our solutions enable seamless connectivity to Bosch Phantom or customer gateways as plug-and-play Edge modules while assessing the Edge readiness and adopting the software stack accordingly.


IoT platform readiness

We offer seamless integration with platforms like Azure IoT Edge or Bosch IoT Suite that reduces the effort for creating an Edge instance for customers. We also provide a Linux-based basic but feature-rich setup for Edge deployment, if required.


Ready Software Stack

Applications require the right degree of automation, monitoring, diagnostics and application integration, and running AI algorithms. You can access device and service management through our stack and use AI modules, thermal models, and security features.


Third-party feature integration

The devices can also factor in other partners’ and vendors’ applications, ensuring a seamless experience and business continuity.