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Product Engineering

Engineering the success of your products

Product Engineering

Today’s competitive business scenario challenges businesses with continuously evolving product lifecycle elements such as reducing product development times, increasing expectations on quality, manufacturing process optimisation and design cost pressures. The increasing demand for enriching user experience also places more emphasis on cutting-edge product engineering solutions.

Companies need an industry expert to provide the best of product engineering solutions to their customers. They need a product engineering partner with a rich heritage of best-in-class products and who can provide necessary expertise in the domain.

With its enviable experience in the product engineering domain, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited delivers engineering solutions to companies looking to make optimal use of their available resources. We have a rigorous product engineering methodology which reduces post-deployment defects and decreases ownership costs.

The customised product engineering solutions offered by Bosch have helped customers to offer state-of-the-art products in various fields. Our solutions also help our customers to stay ahead of competition by offering advanced products at an affordable cost.

Bosch provides expertise in the areas of embedded software engineering, mechanical engineering, hardware engineering, and product testing and validation.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering

Companies have to revamp their hardware engineering expertise to stay profitable in a competitive business world. With decades of experience in designing and implementing hardware engineering solutions, Bosch offers companies a host of hardware engineering solutions and services that fit their need.

Embedded Software Engineering

Embedded Software Engineering

Embedded solutions forms the backbone of engineering industry verticals, be it consumer electronics, semiconductors or industrial automation. Bosch makes use of its vast experience in the embedded solutions domain to provide a host of embedded services to its clients through constant innovation thereby positively impacting time to market and ROI.

ISO26262 Functional Safety Tool Qualification

ISO26262 Functional Safety Tool Qualification

Complexities in new generation automobiles has made it imperative to not just concentrate on the stability of the mechanical parts, but also the functional safety of the electrical and the electronic components. The ISO26262 classification and qualification of software tools supports development of robust, functionally safe E/E systems.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Embedded Software Engineering
  • Product Testing and Validation
  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Rich experience in providing innovative and game-changing automotive solutions across the world
  • End to end product engineering solutions
  • Systematic approach to designing and developing a product
  • State of the art infrastructure and lab facilities
  • Globalised service delivery


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