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Hi-tech Engineering Services

Transforming healthcare through technology

Hi-tech Engineering Services

The medical fraternity is looking at scalable solutions to cater to the needs of a rising patient population and, at the same time, to stay compliant with quality specifications.

With the industry moving from product-driven models to value-based care service designs, we deliver effective care outcomes and scalable solutions. By providing smart IoT based services, coupled with analytics across Cloud platforms, we help create ‘smart devices’ that simulate intelligent data insights and ensure well-informed decision-making across the value chain.

Our engineering and technology expertise enables the medical community to provide superior patient experiences and quality care.

Sensor Engineering & Services

We have vast experience in conceptualising, designing and building medical devices for innovative med-tech companies. We provide end-to-end support to help build products and create associated globalised solution delivery ecosystems using state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.

Hardware Component

Design, architecture, prototyping and modelling incorporating Human Machine Interface (HMI) aspects

Software Component

Architecture & design of embedded, firmware systems along with device management, integration

Application Software

Platform and cloud application development & integration

Integration Services

Integration services via HL7/FHIR

Maintenance & Validation Services

Validation services including automation testing; Maintenance & support services

IoMT enablement services

We offer end-to-end IoT solutions development along with cloud and data management. Our solutions follow a three-pronged approach of discover and plan to identify IoT business pain points and create an IoT roadmap, implement and integrate to establish a secure, scalable platform, and execute and orchestrate using deep insights.

Open and Flexible

Providing seamless integration with other platforms and services

Trusted and Secure

Data protection and high privacy standards equipped with modern security mechanisms delivering a high level of confidentiality


Scalable and Interoperable with multiple EMR integrations through HL7/FHIR standards

Ready to use

Digital tools and accelerators to improve patient engagement and reduce provider burnouts


With our progressive service plans, we help develop IoT applications that add value rather than those that require high maintenance charges

Computer Vision & AI Services

By analyzing complex data sets and using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, we generate clear and actionable insights to improve the quality of healthcare. We offer solutions across the spectrum of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.