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Graphics Test System

Innovative and interactive software tool for HMI validation

Test System

Graphics Test System is a highly innovative and interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) validation software tool from Bosch designed to eliminate complex challenges that come up during manual testing phase of graphics on display systems. As electronic interfaces become more graphic-intense with complex graphical HMIs, testing and validation becomes increasingly time-consuming and effort-intense.

After carefully analysing the functioning of existing manual HMI Test Systems, we discovered many challenges in detecting inconsistencies. This included the erroneous behaviour of graphics based on system load, inability to validate timing in milliseconds and high subjectivity, fatigue and reduced effectiveness causing time and effort loss during testing. Test System from Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited eliminates these challenges and as a generic HMI Test System, the tool can also be used across product lines and multiple display devices.

Having successfully built the platform, application and the high-end Graphic User Interface (GUI) like HMI for premium auto OEMs, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited took the know-how of developing Test Systems, for high definition TFT displays and animation graphics used in automotive products. This led to the development of a generic Test System with high accuracy and reliability across domains (including consumer electronics).

The Test System from Bosch achieves superior real-time accuracy by grabbing frames up to 60 fps. As the HMI is captured via video interface (HDMI/LVDS/VGA), the effect of ambient disturbances is reduced to a minimum. It also supports file handshaking and can be integrated into any existing Microsoft Windows based test environment.

With a simple, user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing Test Systems, the Bosch Test System significantly improves returns on investment by reducing configuration time and eliminating the need for frequent test list updates, thus maintaining the accuracy of test results.

Text Validation (UNICODE & ASCII):

Supports both OCR and internal developed algorithm that simplifies text training.

Image Testing:

Position, size, orientation and colour of any image can be tested based on reference image from another device or from a stored file.

Object Tracking:

Capability to track and validate movement of knob, pointers, slides and scroll bars.

Animation Start/End:

Capture and validation of exact Start/End time of graphical events.

Animation Checks:

Checks duration and smoothness parameters of animation such as jitters, hanging issues and blank screens.

Cyclic Animation Checks:

Analyses and validates frequency and quality of repeated graphics like blinking, rotating and zooming.

  • Real-time Accuracy: Capable of capturing and validating graphics up to 60 frames per sec for improved accuracy.
  • Easy Integration: Supports file handshaking and can be integrated into any test-environment including those based on Microsoft Windows.
  • User-friendly GUI: Simple, easy to understand Graphical User Interface, making test-configuration and execution simple and effective.
  • Customization: Supports development of custom ATEs (Automated Test Equipments)


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