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Bosch Connectivity Test Center

Enabling Connected Products to Become Market Ready


Rapid technological evolution and the exponential growth in connected product adoption has made the need for connectivity, compatibility, and interoperability ubiquitous. Connected products experience a high rate of field failures despite rigorous testing and mandatory certifications such as ‘Bluetooth Qualification’ (Bluetooth SIG) and ‘Wi-Fi Certified’ (Wi-Fi Alliance) before their market launch.

Frequent field issues have a detrimental impact on user experience, especially if early adopters face technical challenges. A large proportion of connected products experience a high rate of field failures due to lack of compatibility with heterogenous end-user devices - smartphones, tablets, wearables etc. End-user surveys by well-known market research firms and consumer feedback on connected goods reveal that field failures have a lasting negative effect on a brand's image and product success. Hence it is imperative to provide a best-in-class, seamless and hassle-free user experience.

The interoperability space, at present, is extremely complex and often overlooked. Bosch’s in-depth technical expertise, cross-domain knowledge, diversified product portfolio, and extensive worldwide presence have helped realize and deploy world-class connected solutions across geographies.

What we do?

Connectivity Test Centre (CTC) – an Interoperability (IOP) testing house - provides wide-ranging consulting and testing services in various sectors for connected technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Automotive Smartphone Projection, Media, and others, leveraging the expertise of Bluetooth Qualification Consultants (BQCs) and ISTQB certified test engineers.

Delivering Business Value With Interoperability (IOP)

Interoperability Services Customized to your Connected Products Strategy

  • Early Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Debug logs/ traces for faster resolution

  • Brand image protection
  • Enhanced customer experience (CX)

  • Local asset augmentation
  • Wider asset coverage

  • Accelerated product–market readiness
  • Reliable device compatibility

  • Compatibility tests with diverse device categories
  • Accelerated test support in regions of product launch

  • Extensive Pre-launch interoperability
  • Forward compatibility with newer devices/products/firmware updates
  • Post-launch support

Why Bosch?


CTC Approach

Domains and Technologies



  • Smart Mobility and Connected Vehicle
  • Industrial & Power Tools
  • Smart home & IoT
  • Connected Healthcare
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wearables & Mobile Apps


  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB Media
  • Automotive Projection Technologies

Connectivity Test Centre - Global Centers


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