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Testing & Validation

Hardware-in-Loop Testing

Perfect testing environments. Perfect results

Hardware-in-Loop Testing

As expectations from Embedded System Design in the automotive industry evolve, companies search for the ideal Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing solutions to meet these new benchmarks. With state-of-the-art HiL testing services, we offer the ideal mix of industry specific expertise and mission critical testing infrastructure.

We provide VIVA (Virtually Integrated Vehicle Analysis) in various industry applications such as Engine Management System, DNOX Control Unit, Transmission Control, Battery Management System, Chassis, Hybrid Vehicles, Electronic Power Steering System, Vehicle Simulators and Body Control Modules. We have an experienced team in place to validate the basic functionalities before the systems are delivered to the customer.

  • Basic Function Testing
  • ECU Monitoring Safety Testing
  • OBD (On-Board Diagnosis) Testing
  • VIVA (Virtually Integrated Vehicle Analysis)
  • HiL Engineering Services
  • HiL Vehicle Simulators Services
  • Plant Model Development
  • Test Automation Infrastructure

  • Offers ideal HiL testing environments, consisting of integration of customer ECU’s, project support etc.
  • Provides installation and commissioning, cable specific preparation, customer specific hardware development, test system definition and maintenance
  • Offers an enviable track record in the field of automobile and related services
  • Helps reduce the testing lifecycles and time-to-market

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