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Reliability Testing

Increase the reliability of your products

In today’s competitive market, high product reliability is a basic requirement and sometimes the only difference between products of various manufacturers. Product reliability is a critical aspect for companies who are struggling to retain customers in these days of fast eroding brand loyalty.

The quality, safety and lifespan of your product can be increased by Reliability Testing. Product reliability testing is a specialised field that requires deep understanding of the product and a state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver the goods. Bosch provides product reliability testing that assists companies in devising effective methodologies to test reliability of their products.

We, at Bosch, have decades of experience in catering to the unique reliability requirements of local as well as international markets. Our solutions ensure that our client’s products adhere to the most stringent International standards like ISO, IEC, DIN, BSI, ETSI and other specifications.

In addition to the tests, we perform failure analysis and application assessment of Electronic Control Units (ECU). We deliver tailored solutions to meet the specific demands of customers and hence, cater successfully to a diverse clientele.


Vibration Test

Environmental Test

Climatic Test

Temperature Test

Temperature Stress Screen Test

Thermal Shock Test

More Solutions

  • Evaluation of customer validation requirements
  • Cost quoting support for validation testing
  • Development and negotiation of validation requirements
  • Development of Environmental Test Plan (as per global standards)
  • Support project teams with failure analysis and definition of corrective / preventive actions for validation incidents
  • Test-to-failure data analysis

Value Proposition

  • Adequate number of trained operators and engineers
  • Expertise to understand local conditions
  • World-class testing equipment from reputed vendors
  • Capacity to handle large number of service requests

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