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Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics

Smart insights. Smarter consumption.

Proper energy utilisation and conservation have been of primal importance for communities and enterprises. With the onset of smart cities, smart industries, smart homes and advancing technologies, it is imperative to acquire deep insights into your energy utilisation, consumption and conservation. These in-depth insights will enable you to reduce energy costs and improve your environmental footprint.

Key Benefits


A single source of truth and visibility. Establish energy transparency across the entire process


Recommends interventions for potential scope. Identify interventions for potential energy savings and optimal asset utilisation


Optimises energy costs and production plan. Replicates good operating units across the process and optimises cost per quantity

Insights that make a difference

Bosch’s Energy Analytics solution, assists in monitoring various devices that consume energy. The data of the energy consumed and utilised by these devices are read by energy readers and stored on cloud. Here the data is processed with the use of high-level algorithms to give you information as per your requirements, making it possible for the right decision to be taken towards energy conservation, leading to lower energy bills.

Insights that make a difference


The first step involves monitoring the devices at the load point and collecting real-time power profile of these devices. These details establish energy transparency and assist the user in making appropriate decisions.

  • Instrument meters at load
  • Collect real-time power profile
  • Energy flow transparency


The data collected from different devices is analysed and the power profile behaviour of every device like idle time of the devices, maximum energy usage time etc. is understood. The interventions for potential energy savings are identified.

  • Perform energy analytics
  • Understand asset power profile behaviour
  • Recommend intervention


After the identification of the behaviour of different devices, a reference pattern is built and a specific energy target setting is established. Any irregularity in the consumption of energy by the device leads to alert messages being generated.

  • Build reference patterns for machines
  • Define specific energy targets
  • Triggers alerts on anomaly detection


Once a pattern has been set, various suggestions are given to the user to reduce energy consumption. Forecasts are given of probable high energy consumption and evolving energy KPIs are estimated, for improving the energy efficiency.

  • Variant-specific energy cost
  • Production plan optimisation, forecast energy consumption
  • Evolved energy KPIs for improving energy efficiency

Case studies

Leading hospitality chain in India:

For a leading 5 star hotel in India Bosch implemented an Energy Analytics solution. Through this solution the hospitality firm has ascertained the energy consumption to be around 900 kWh and is planning on the next steps of managing the same.

Also through the insights, we have empowered the organization with patterns of periods peak consumption of power, devices leading to spikes in consumption, energy consumed during these periods.

Auto component manufacturer in India:

For a leading auto manufacturer in India we helped improve energy efficiency by 15%. The business challenges were optimizing the energy costs, understanding the factors that drive energy spend, non-visibility of factors causing energy inefficiencies. Bosch recommended solution to eliminate energy wastages, asset specific analytics to identify inefficiencies. The business benefits delivered for the manufacturer are: 600 mWh of energy savings, USD 100,000 savings in cost, ROI delivered in 8 months, Carbon dioxide emmisions reduced by 447 tons.



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