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Accelerating your business through ERP


Organisations today not only focus on capturing and utilising data but also on building a forward-thinking enterprise, which would be able to foresee and overcome challenges before they occur. To address these objectives, Bosch, as an innovation-driven enterprise, offers solutions which enable organisations to accelerate growth, drive operational efficiency and enhance corporate excellence.

At Bosch, we have a deep understanding of business processes and challenges across areas such as manufacturing, logistics, procurement and corporate services in the discrete manufacturing industry, giving a true practitioner’s perspective. With our understanding of these business challenges, we can provide industry-oriented solutions which are platform agnostic.

With over 20 years experience in SAP solutions rooted in the domain of discrete manufacturing, we have developed the ability to realise best-in-class and scalable practices for our customers. This is augmented by the long legacy of co-innovation between SAP and Bosch collaborating in order to develop various products, solutions and systems, bringing out the best from both organisations.

Our Expertise

As a business solution provider, we understand that organisations in different stages of maturity have different requirements. To provide solutions for organisations in various stages of the corporate lifecycle, the following are offered:

Best in class practices for Emerging Enterprises

Best in class practices for Transformational Enterprises

Best in class practices for Leading Enterprises

Being a niche player, our focus has been to deeply engage with customers in the following industries


Industrial Machinery and Components

High Tech

Value Proposition

  • Practitioner’s approach to drive best in class business practices
  • Leveraging decades of Bosch experience and expertise
  • Innovation driven execution while ensuring exacting quality standards
  • Niche player providing Scale on Demand
  • Business process consulting expertise acts as a catalyst for driving transformation

We have planned and executed some of the most complex projects, globally, and appreciate the strategic and execution-related challenges associated with complex processes. In today’s dynamic business environment, all organisations and institutions are expanding rapidly and this demands the integration of all business operations, to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and increase visibility. SAP applications and technology platform can help systemise and unlock the best out of any organisation's operations, to achieve greater efficiency and satisfactory user experience.



Bosch’s MantHANA- Raid Deployment Kit integrates digital technologies like AI – IOT to seamlessly connect business process and accelerate the enterprise’s digital journey

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