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Factories of the Future

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Digital reality solutions for enterprises

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is one of the key enablers of factories of the future. AR/VR will change the way we look at training and maintenance activities. Your trainings, enhanced by AR/VR, will now give an immersive experience to the operator, preparing him to be the best even before he sets foot on the shop floor. Maintenance activities will become simpler and will be available in regional or local languages, reducing the dependency on experts.

Key Benefits

Offers better training

Improves maintenance efficiency and productivity

Delivers an immersive experience

AR Powered Training Tool

AR Powered Training Tool

Our solutions promote experiential learning by simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand.

  • VR apps empower operators with simpler training interfaces and modules, to learn in a gamified mode with no disruption to the production line
  • Round-the-clock availability to ensure no disruption of daily tasks
  • Consistent training content delivered to all teams
  • Less cognitive load and learning time reduced by 3 times
Immersive Hands-on Learning

Immersive Hands-on Learning

Our solutions help the technicians get hands-on training experience similar to real life. The technicians are trained in a simulated, immersive work environment without stopping the high volume production lines.

  • No disruption to the production line
  • No need to tamper expensive machinery
  • Reduced dependency on experts
AR/VR Powered Service Solutions

AR/VR Powered Service Solutions

During service and maintenance, technicians spend time in referring to vast technical manuals. Our AR/VR solutions help technicians service and maintain complex industrial equipment.

  • AR service apps can be efficiently developed using your existing product assets (3D CAD)
  • ‘Dial an Expert’ feature which provides step by step guidance from an expert to fix a complete machinery
  • Consistent service quality delivered by entire service organisation, with real-time information to all stakeholders
Engineering Design Solution

Engineering Design Solution

Our solution enables workers to assess design ideas virtually. It assists greatly in identifying the early design defects and thereby helps in cost savings. It also reduces huge prototyping costs.

  • Offers immersive experience to interact with a future product/concept car with just available 3D CAD content
  • Saves huge prototyping costs and helps extensively in validating user experience, design reviews across geographies with just engineering 3D digital content as input

Value Proposition

Strong technical expertise

Expert technical team with experience in delivering AR/VR solutions to various automotive giants

Multiple platforms

Our solutions can be seamlessly deployed onto multiple platforms

Quick deployment

We have a library of reusable components to build solutions for quick deployment

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Multiple possibilities made simple by AR/VR solutions

Multiple possibilities made simple by AR/VR solutions

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