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Enabling seamless connect between Operations (OT) and Business (IT)

Device Bridge

Real-time data acquisition and processing are crucial for various businesses and manufacturing processes. However, companies often face problems when establishing connections to legacy devices, handling multiple data formats, building, and customizing business logic, handling large volumes of data, and so on.

Bosch offers an Industry 4.0 software solution that acquires manufacturing data from a wide variety of shop floor devices (both legacy and modern). The collected data is then pre-processed, transformed to a Standard format and delivered to IT applications such as MES, Database, Cloud, File storage, and more for further processing and storage.

Device Bridge

Why DeviceBridge?

Cross-platform Compatibility

Both Windows & Linux environment hosting

Deployment Flexibility

Multiple Hardware, types of authentication

Built-in Diagnostics Tool

Monitor Process/Machine data collected in near real-time

Built-in Communication Protocols

Access data from 40+ device types such as PLCs, CNCs, Sensors, and more in a tag-based uniform interface

Support for popular controllers & drivers

Siemens, Rexroth, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Fanuc, and so on

Support for multiple communication protocols

Supports Modus, Ethernet/IP,S7 Protocol, Melsec, OPC, and so on

Fault Tolerance & Data persistence

Store & Forward mechanism to avoid data loss with data retention in case of disconnecti on to upstream applications

DIY Transformation Layer

Define custom business logic with Graphical Interface -No Coding required

Define Flexible Payload transformation

Data formatting, Logical, Mathematical, and Expressions, Engineering value conversions, Data Mapping

Built-in Alerts

Email alerts and notifications in case of any failure in data collection

Dockerization Support

Ease of portability by built-in support for dockers

On-Demand data delivery

Delivers collected data in user demanded format to various upstream applications such as Database, MES, Cloud, and MQTT.

Data Modelling

Customizable JSON, XML data Modelling


Encrypted data collection and transfer

Trigger Based Data Collection

Avoids unnecessary device polling

Success Stories

DeviceBridge has been deployed in shop floor scenarios at several Bosch and Non-Bosch customers, where it collects, transforms, and delivers data to upstream applications in a user-defined manner.

DeviceBridge and Smart Machines

Bosch DeviceBridge addresses critical problem areas in machine/process data acquisition and management on a manufacturing shop floor by providing a secure, adaptable, and scalable 4.0 industrial class solution.



Support for a large variety of data sources such as PLC, CNC, MES, Sensors, Databases, and so forth, in addition to various associated protocols such as MODBUS, Profinet, OPC, MQTT, etc.



Ability to contextualize data to suit the needs of shop floor by supporting multiple data formats such as JSON, CSV, and XML, among others. Data streamlining capabilities with low latency to cloud / on-premises servers.



Facilitates custom Pay Load Transformation of the data captured.


  • Devicebridge
    Automated Data collection - Saves cost and time, avoids or minimizes errors, transparent process
  • Devicebridge
    A single solution to collect data from disparate devices
  • Devicebridge
    Near Real-time data acquisition
  • Devicebridge
    Plug and Play solution, Easy to configure & deploy
  • Devicebridge
    No (or minimum) modification of Controller /Machine programs
  • devicebridge
    Extendable - Plugin based design allows easy addition of new drivers, collectors, and adapters
  • devicebridge
    Do It Yourself (DIY) transformation at Edge


Device Bridge

Bosch IT-OT Integration Solution

Bosch IT-OT Integration Solution