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Digital Agriculture

Reimagining farming with sensors, satellites, analytics and technical expertise

Digital Agriculture

The agricultural industry is witnessing a technological revolution and Bosch is at the forefront of it. Leveraging sensors, software and services, we help the entire farming value chain leverage technology, create effective systems and gain significant business benefits.

Our solutions encompass a private mesh network of smart sensors for crops and plants; IoT cloud-enabled multi device software as well as application-specific customer support and services. These solutions track crop health, enable pest management, provide data collection, performance tracking and analysis and weather pattern analysis through revolutionary satellite technology.

Using innovative technologies, we enable agri-players derive actionable insights, ensure operational efficiencies and deliver real value across the board.

Digital Agriculture

Sensor Networks

Module collects field/crop data through wireless mesh of sensor networks, which can be monitored remotely, anytime, anywhere

Satellite Technology

Remote sensing satellite technology enables production estimations, yield forecasts and crop health identification

Data Analytics

Data and predictive analytics for crops and climatic conditions to ensure better harvest preparation



Our remote monitoring satellite-based solution provides farmers, growers and agronomists with end-to-end crop visibility, real-time data accessibility and in-depth insights into farm operations. Using satellite microwave remote sensing, which can penetrate through clouds, Genesis generates high-impact studies and can predict yields and analyze climatic and crop conditions.


Efficient cattle life-cycle tracking via blockchain powered by Bosch

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