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Personalising journeys!


Providing AI-powered insights & recommendations to vehicle OEMs and mobility service operators to offer enhanced experiences to passengers.

Contextual Recommendations for Passengers

Contextual Recommendations throughout Journey using location data & passenger preferences.

Benefits for Mobility OEMs

Benefits for Mobility OEMs


  • Recommendations using context, past buyer behaviour
  • Predictive, prescriptive analytics
  • Customised real-time and tailored offers
  • Personalised entertainment and targeted ads
  • Personal assistant & itenary planner

Use Cases:

  • Nearest parking spots
  • Service scheduling
  • Re-fueling stations
  • Roadside assistance
  • After market spares
  • Insurance reminders
  • Trusted service partners
Benefits for Mobility Service Providers

Benefits for Mobility Service Providers


  • Personalized content recommendations
  • Customized real-time and tailored offers
  • Incident reporting system

Use Cases:

  • On the go restaurants
  • Point of interest & City information based on location
  • Content recommendations
  • Discover offers nearby
  • Emergency road-side assistance
  • Parking spots

Benefits for End Users

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