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Designing New-Age Phygital Experiences


BOSCH IERO combines AI technology with power of context and individual user preferences to create new experiences for retail consumers. Leveraging Digital Assistants, Indoor Positioning Systems Analytics, and Personalisation we deliver inspiring experiences.

Consumer Engagement

Relevant ads & recommendations: Based on context, and consumer's purchase history & preferences.

Actionable Insights

To optimise store operations: Physical analytics through heat maps, path analysis, store entrance footfall analysis.

In-store Assistance

Help customers navigate stores and find products. Quick-assist kiosks and consumer assistants. Gamify shopping experience.

Benefits for the Retail Industry

Benefits for the Retail Industry

  • Identifying in-store premium / loyal consumers.
  • In-store product search & navigation.
  • Identification of new selling opportunities, premium / loyal customers.
  • Personalised consumer recommendations.
  • Gamified experiences.
  • Actionable insights for retailers through heat maps.

  • Search & navigation to place of interest through Apps & Kiosks.
  • Integration with mall solutions: parking, loyalty & membership programs.
  • Gamification of experience.
Personalized Marketin

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